Programme Overview

This 1 day course will provide participants with a detailed insight into the key issues involved in responsible sourcing and procurement. It will address some of the most common questions companies have about developing sustainable procurement and sustainable supply chains including:

  • Are the company’s suppliers putting their business at risk?
  • How can a company be more sustainable and reduce cost at the same time?
  • Are there opportunities to unlock competitive advantage in a company’s supply chain?

This course which follows on from the Introductory Webinar, will give the participants deeper insights into Managing the Sustainability risks in their supply chain.

The course also provides participants with the opportunity for peer learning and knowledge sharing with similar professionals from the sustainability and procurement functions from a range of industries.

On completion of this 1 day course (which also counts for CPD points) participants will have

Gained an understanding of how to engage with suppliers on a range of sustainability issues to drive cost reduction and improved business performance.

explored challenges and solutions to exposing and addressing risks in increasingly complex global multi-tiered supply chains and procurement.

reviewed the growing list of regulations focused on transparency and traceability in supply chains to expose instances of slavery, conflict materials and environmental damage.

Gained an understanding into the nature of changing circular business models that provide competitive advantage opportunities through new non-linear supply chains.

  • Setting sustainability policy and objectives – internal and external (suppliers)
  • Responsible & Ethical Sourcing
  • Supply Chain / Supplier risk assessment and mitigation
  • Measuring and reporting supply chain sustainability – standards, tools and assistance
  • Overcoming the key challenges and risks
  • The cost of supply chain sustainability
  • Tools to deliver traceability and visibility in supply chains
  • Supplier audits and programs
  • Corrective actions and complicity for supplier actions
  • Green Procurement – measurement and opportunity
  • Legislation – Slavery, Conflict minerals, Traceability
  • Impact Sourcing – the new charity

Training will be in line with CDP, GRI and ISO14064 reporting standards