Programme Overview

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What is 2°Catalyst?

There is a global demand for smart solutions that will support a 2oC (or less) rise in global temperature, while improving security of supply to clean water, energy and food. From a business perspective this is a “hotspot”, and Ireland is to the fore in developing world-class solutions. Nonetheless scaling a business, irrespective of global market opportunities is daunting. Developed by Sustainable Nation, with a team of leading practitioners and expert contributors, the programme will help companies grow and accelerate their business.


The Programme – how does it work?

This is not an academic programme; it focuses on actionable insights. 2oCatalyst is an exciting, new programme that brings together dynamic elements of connectivity, access to capital and targeted promotion, all underpinned by mentoring and training by business leaders.

2°Catalyst is a leadership development programme tailored for companies that are developing resource efficiency products or services.
Using blended learning methodologies, including mentoring and peer-to-peer learning, your team will build expertise in the six key pillars of growth enabling disciples that SME’s need to learn to deliver sustainable growth:
  1. Strategy
  2. Finance & funding
  3. Sales & marketing
  4. Operational excellence
  5. Leadership & people, and
  6. Innovation

Each of the six pillars will be addressed using three patterns of learning to deliver a blended experience that deepens the learning and application through individual workshops:

  • Boot Camp
  • Peer Learning
  • One-to-One Coaching




A key part of each of the three workshops will be access to business leaders that will share their experiences, and have a passion to make business work.

Sustainability will be integrated into each of the pillars, looking at areas such as regulation, future forecasting, technology advancement and influencing C-suite/ buyer sentiment.

The programme leads to the development of a Sustainable Business Plan (SBP), which will be presented to investors and buyers at a Grande Finale.

  • Connect to a national and international network
  • Access to capital
  • Leverage promotional opportunities
  • Be recognised as leader in sustainable business
  • Develop Sustainable Business Plan

Through 2°Catalyst selected companies will gain access to the best expertise and resources that will support accelerated growth through developing leadership capacity. The programme will provide a range of support structures for companies providing technologies, products and services which are aimed at resource efficiency, responsible and sustainable outcomes. The programme will provide an ecosystem of non-financial supports to de-risk new solutions and shorten pathways to market.

The 2016 2°Catalyst class will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded companies to share successes, knowledge and support mutual business development. Equally this class will become part of the larger family, and will provide invaluable connectivity that will support and accelerate business growth. 

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