Resource Efficiency

Resource Efficiency

Population growth, urbanisation and rising consumption of scarce resources such as food, water and energy are increasing pressure on the planet’s diminishing natural resources. Smart businesses are embracing the challenge to become more resource efficient. They are implementing responsible business practices that improve environmental sustainability, and in parallel, continue to improve profitability, drive innovation and increase market share for current stakeholders.

Resource efficiency related activities and projects span the full sustainability agenda – from saving energy, water and reducing waste to improving building standards and biodiversity.

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Key Numbers

Sustainable Nation brings together like-minded organisations to share best-practices, building innovative and resource efficiency projects of scale through its business community, Docklands 21.
Its collaborative approach allows companies to collectively address operational challenges, saving energy and water and reducing waste.

Docklands 21 now counts 40 firms, 31,000 employees and 51 business premises as participants. Participants have already undertaken 193 conservation projects including insulation, lighting controls, office equipment, behavioural and awareness campaigns.




To track and validate success, we are establishing a baseline. We have worked with the existing organisations to collect energy, water and waste data, and now know that across the 51 buildings assessed, 183 GWh of energy is used annually.

To join this evidence based community we require information on your energy, water and waste consumption; your monthly utility bills can provide this information. Our baseline year is 2011, and we work with each organisation to keep this data up to date. All information is treated as strictly confidential.

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To join Docklands 21 we ask each participant to sign a Charter of Commitment. This a simple commitment of collaboration, and does not place resource-requirements on participants.


Our network offers opportunities to meet other companies addressing similar challenges, to share best practice and resolve project ‘pain points’. We have worked with existing companies to establish a number of resource efficiency themes that span the full sustainability agenda, including:

  • LED Lighting
  • Demand Response
  • Water Management
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Energy Generation
  • Financing

Each network will meet, share experiences and as projects emerge we will invite solution providers to provide overview on emerging trends and new technology. Such networks have the opportunity to avail of economies of scale; projects of scale attract better margins, thus improving their return on investment.

Our network has the benefit of expertise from technical partners who can provide access to technical knowledge and insights on future technologies and regulations to Docklands 21 companies.

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We offer a range of technical briefings and tailored training solutions. See Sustainability Skillnet for more information on training.
Upcoming technical briefings are aligned to our network activities and include:

  • Demand Response, upcoming market changes
  • Remote working solutions to mitigate travel to work
  • Energy efficient design methodology
  • Heat pumps (air and ground source), a viable solution?


The ultimate goal of this initiative is to co-develop projects that are of scale and will have impact. 193 projects have already being completed by the existing 40 firms. We are now working with participants on projects such as demand response and LED lighting. We are also working with our participants to support completion of energy audits, as required under the 2014 SI. 426.

Dublin City Council is supporting the development of exemplar buildings under the existing SDZ Docklands plan and the roll-out of LED lighting throughout Dublin’s Dockland area.


Dublin City Council