Investing Responsibly

More than ever, investors are keen on investing responsibly and in a sustainable fashion.Mirroring international trends, in Ireland capital market participants are increasingly considering environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions. They recognise that this not only impacts on a company’s reputation, operational risks and costs, but can enhance efficiency and productivity – leading to growth in shareholder value.

Our Response

Responding to this increased interest, Sustainable Nation has established the Responsible & Sustainable Investment Forum Ireland (the ‘Forum’).
The Forum is a platform for market players with a substantial interest in ESG investing to come together with a joint mission to:
  • Support and advance the sustainable development of both the Irish finance and investment sector, through delivering and supporting effective sustainable and responsible financial services, products and operations; and
  • To spread and exchange experiences among the members of the Forum as well as to facilitate a diversified debate on ESG.
Forum objectives
  • To provide a platform for the promotion of Ireland’s sustainable / responsible investment sector and for international collaboration;
  • To raise awareness of the sustainable / responsible investment agenda post COP21;
  • To promote Ireland as a location of choice to domicile / manage assets from;
  • To develop a skills programme for the enhancement of world-class knowledge and competence;
  • To support the development of innovative financial services and products that support sustainable economic development; and
  • To share industry insight and collaborate with sector stakeholders.
In its first year (March 2016 – March 2017), the Forum aims to:

  • Grow membership base to 50 participants
  • Work to grow the market for sustainable and responsible investment by increasing understanding, acceptance and demand
  • Act as a voice for the sustainable and responsible finance industry in Ireland
  • Provide networking and member support that enables individuals and businesses to develop and grow. Actively co-operate with other sector organisations, at home and abroad, to maximise the sector’s collective strength; and
  • Co-host with Responsible Investor the inaugural Sustainable Capital Forum in Dublin Castle, 15th & 16th March 2017

Who can participate?

The Forum is open to institutional investors (pension funds, insurance companies, unit trusts and others) as well as other organisations with activities in Ireland that have a substantial interest in ESG investing.

International Partnership

As we work to grow a greater understanding of responsible & sustainable investing activities, the Forum has partnered with / joined a number of international organisations to collaborate and ensure access to best practice supports. These include (put these in as logos from the international partnerships page):