Climate change is one of the biggest existential threats to humanity, but also as one of the largest opportunities we have ever seen. To quote from “climate change” by Joseph Romm; “climate change will have a bigger impact on your family and friends, and all of humanity than the Internet has had”.


Climate change really matters. It is also a fantastic lever within organisations, big and small, to unleash potential and positive impact. It could be the transformative purpose that you have been looking for. It makes business sense too. Transformative purpose has been identified as the key factor to achieve exponential growth and recruit and retain talent.


Free help to develop your green idea

The opportunity is so hot, it sizzles. Which is why Sustainable Nation designed 2oCamp.


2oCamp is a one day workshop that will give anyone with a green idea the tools to develop the idea further. It is open to a start-up or an existing business – everyone with an idea is welcome. Ideas can range from renewable energy to sustainable transport and from smart agriculture right through to new business models and ways to fund projects and make an impact.


The 1-day bootcamp, facilitated by our Entrepreneur in Residence, will put you through the steps and you will learn how to develop a successful green business. Our workbook, based on a proven methodology, is practical and direct. 2oCamp is geared to help you move quickly. As a participate of 2oCamp you will become part of our ecosystem, and we can guide you through the supports and access available to accelerate your business.  


Supported by Enterprise Ireland and Climate-KIC, we believe the more successful you are, the bigger the positive climate impact your business can have.



Supported by Enterprise Ireland and our local partners it is rolled out across the county. Starting in March:

As a follow on, participants of 2oCamp have an opportunity to also participate in ClimateLaunchpad,  the largest green business idea competition in the world.


The cost to attend this programme is normally €150 per person but due to the support of Climate-KIC and Enterprise Ireland, we can offer this programme for free. Register now…


Register Now



If you have any questions, you can contact ron.immink@sustainablenation.ie or call on +353851006307.

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