Sustainable Gathering 24th June 2015 Dublin Castle

Sustainable gathering

Transactions, networking and insight – Ireland’s third Sustainability Gathering takes place in the Printworks, Dublin Castle on the 24th June.

Chaired by Pat Cox, discussion panel members include investment leaders managing billions of euro in sustainability investments; enterprise leaders driving sustainability innovation; policy leaders shaping the energy, jobs and investment policy framework; and editors of major international publications sharing global insight into what is the hot investment.


It is rare to find all in one room at one time, but that is what makes the Sustainability Gathering so unique. It defines the sustainability investment ecosystem for Ireland, it allows the community celebrate Irish innovation while asking what more can we do to compete globally.


This year’s event is held against a backdrop of sustainability rapidly becoming a vital issue for the business community and policymakers. Investment is up and 2014 saw $310 billion invested in clean energy. The ‘green bond’ market trebled in size in 2014 to $35 billion as investors look for a green home for their capital. For Ireland we are in a leadership position. Irish companies boast expertise throughout the supply chains of food, energy and water sectors and are winning a slice of these global funds.


Covering the most important topics, excellent panellists and great networking. If you are in this space the Sustainability Gathering is a great use of a day!

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