January 2013, Green Growth Forum: Fostering and Financing Green Innovation, GIFSC & Silicon Republic, Dublin

Green growth will be synonymous with enterprise, finance, innovation and economic development in the 21st century. Ireland has the potential to be a global leader in a low-carbon economy. If we are to achieve this we will need to communicate our credentials and our leadership to the world.
The Green Growth Forum 2013 on 25 January, will feature high-profile international keynotes who will offer a global view, and highlight international best practice. Local experts and leaders in finance, technology and policy will take part in mediated panel discussions, and invited delegates will participate in questions-and-answer sessions, in order to encourage a lively and thoughtful debate on this crucial area.
Themes tackled will include:

  • Leadership in a low-carbon economy
  • The clean energy imperative
  • Harnessing Ireland’s strengths for green growth
  • Regulatory and policy challenges
  • Fostering clean-tech innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Repurposing industry and business
  • Clean-tech investment today
  • Green financing and venture capital

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