€2bn to be invested in Docklands development by 2021


In a press release issued today, Dublin City Council (DCC), the Sustainability Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the International Sustainability Investment Centre (formerly the Green IFSC) have announced a new initiative called Docklands 21 extending their reach to a full Sustainable Energy Community (SEC).

Docklands 21 aims to ensure that by 2021 Dublin Docklands will represent best-in-class when it comes to resource efficiency activities – saving money, evolving business models and driving long term business competitiveness.

Docklands 21 is looking to inspire companies, SME’s, communities, institutions and professional services to improve their consumption profile. It will also encourage participants to increase their resource efficiency and optimise their energy related business operations within the Docklands geographic zone.

The initiative is guided by Dublin City Council’s Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) plan, a future 40 hectares of the Docklands still remains to be developed. This includes an estimated €2BN investment in office space and 2,600 residential units.

Executive Manager with responsibility for the Docklands Strategic Development Zone, Paul Clegg remarked, “Dublin City Council is fully committed to delivering the objectives of the Docklands Strategic Development Zone by creating a sustainable world-class maritime quarter with a distinctive Dublin character.

It will be a model of sustainable inner city regeneration incorporating socially inclusive neighbourhoods, a diverse, green innovation-based economy contributing to the prosperity of the locality, the city and the country, all supported by exemplary social and physical infrastructure and a quality public realm integrated with the wider city.”

Source: www.businessworld.ie

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