It began as a pilot involving eight companies in Dublin’s Docklands.


Now 40 firms, representing 31,000 employees, 51 buildings and a combined energy bill of €20m, are blazing a trail having already completed 193 resource efficiency projects.  These projects include insulation, lighting and controls, renewable energy installations, rainwater harvesting, management systems including ISO 50001 and numerous behavioral and awareness campaigns.


Under the banner of Docklands21, Sustainable Nation Ireland has developed a programme that will support the 40 participants in their efforts to be more resource efficientThe programme incorporates energy, water and waste efficiency projects that will not only improve efficiencies but also competitiveness. 


Centred in the nationally strategic International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) and the Silicon Docks area of Dublin city’s docklands, Docklands21 works with all sectors of the community beginning with business. 


The initiative is supported by both Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and Dublin City Council, with new strategic partnerships in development.


Docklands developments to date have been exciting; Dublin City Council’s Strategic Development Zone (SDZ) plan identifies a future 40 acres of the Docklands to be developed at a total investment of €1.9 billion. Dublin City Council recently announced the roll out the next phase of an ambitious energy efficiency programme that will see the Dublin Docklands area get new LED public lighting. The council is currently seeking tenders to complete what will be a near €400,000 investment over the last two years in such lighting.


The council is leading the way by investing in the scheme as part of its strong support in supporting the aims of the Docklands21 initiative to be one of the most resource efficient business and community districts in Europe by 2021.


The 40 firms are leaders in sustainability, and from May 2016, Docklands21 will be open to new participants in Dublin and will also launch in Cork.



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